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Meet Alona.

Founder/Lead Investigator/Case Manager

Alona has been interested in the paranormal as long as she can remember ever since she saw a transparent lady in white at the foot of her bed at a very young age.  Since then, she's been investigating on her own or with a team for the last 30 years.  As the years have gone by, her experiences has grown ten-fold, including hair pulling, scratches, voices yelling in her ear and being pushed down to the ground.


Finding fellow paranormal kindred spirits can be hard, but she was lucky enough to find them in local theater and through work.  As founder of the GPPT, she feels it is such a blessing to be investigating with a very energetic and enthusiastic group.  They are not only great people, but they are also great investigators.  The team likes to get down to the bottom of paranormal activity while still being able to laugh and have fun.  


Her favorite investigations with the GPPT include Greenville Station in Greenville, WI where there were voices, poking and that infamous knock,  Brumder Mansion B & B, where she encountered some very chatty spirits and Edinburgh Manor, an old asylum that contained sad ghosts.

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Meet Connie.

Co-Leader/Case Manager/Lead Investigator

Connie is from Oshkosh, WI and grew up in a haunted house on the north side of town.  As a result of these experiences, she has always been interested in the paranormal.  She enjoys researching possible locations and finding the history of the individuals and buildings for our investigations.  Being a travel enthusiast she likes visiting different areas of the Midwest where paranormal activity has been reported and share with the group, and others, the findings.  

Favorite investigation: one of her first at Stone Arch Brew Pub in Appleton.  There was a lot of physical activity ranging from a chair tipping over to a roll of tape rolling on the bar.


Meet Kris.

Lead Investigator/Research Specialist

Kris is an original member of the GPPT since investigating the Greenville Station in Greenville, WI.  Kris has been interested in the paranormal from the first time she saw a "shadow person" in her childhood home in Oshkosh, WI.  Outside of GPPT, she has investigated St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida, and recently stayed at the Alex Johnson Hotel in Rapid City, SD; all with reported paranormal activity.  

Kris enjoys theater, teaching Zumba and (shameless plug) is the lead singer for the band Tuesday @ 5.  Kris also loves spending time with her family, especially her granddaughter, Isla, who also has some ghostly friends who visit her.  It runs in the family!

Kris's favorite GPPT investigation was at Greenville Station because it was the first thrill of an investigation and the video evidence captured.


Meet Kelly.

Investigator/Travel Specialist

Kelly has been on several investigations with the GPPT and became involved through her own paranormal experiences in her home.  The house, where her own mother was born, has had a lot of activity.  When her son was younger, toys that made noise would play for no reason, even with the batteries taken out.  While she was alone in the house, she would wake up in the middle of the night to see a man standing at the foot of her bed.  Her husband would see a woman walk into their son's room, and when he described the woman, Kelly knew that was her grandmother.  This was the kickstart to her fascination with the paranormal.  She loves the adventures she has with the GPPT, and to find the stories behind any hauntings is icing on the cake.


Meet Tonie.

Investigator/Social Media 

Tonie has been interested in the paranormal for the majority of her life, stemming from her love of scary movies.  She spent a few years performing at the Grand Opera House, in which she spent a good amount of time in the large dressing room and in the basement.  It is these two spaces where she was told of the spirits residing in the building.

During her time with GPPT, she has encountered voices, footsteps, items being moved, a chair flipping over, knocking, whistling and a full body apparition.  Her favorite GPPT investigation so far has been Stone Arch Brewpub.  There was a lot of activity and is where the chair flipped in the basement dining room.  However, a close second was her visit to the Trout Museum of Art where they were greeted by a very chatty spirit in the basement. 


Meet Brad.

Investigator/Tech Specialist

Brad has been interested in anything paranormal related since childhood.  Seeing his first ghostly apparition (as a reflection in a closed old time photos store front late at night in the French Quarter) while on vacation in New Orleans, was really the start of his foray into the idea of Investigations.  Once he saw evidence with his own eyes, he needed more.  


Brad has been with The Ghostly Players team since the beginning and has joined the group on 6 investigations.  His favorite investigation as a Ghostly Player was the first time they investigated at the Between the Locks building in Appleton which houses Stone Arch Brewpub, Skyline Comedy club and a few other businesses.  He is excited to be a part of this Team and looking forward to investigate more in the near future. 


Meet Kim.

Investigator/Equipment Specialist

Ever since she was a young girl, Kim has been attracted to old homes, vacant homes, run down homes, barns and even cemeteries.  She was never afraid to investigate what others feared, and was curious then as she is today.  Kim believes that spirits do exist, which is why she was pulled to investigate these places as she still is today.

Kim started watching ghost shows...not the ones with actors, but with true stories and based on real events.  Watching these shows intrigued her even more, so it made perfect sense to join The Ghostly Players Paranormal Team.  Thus far, Kim has been on some of the bigger investigations: The Hearthstone in Appleton, Edinburgh Manor in Iowa and the Grand Opera House in Oshkosh.  She has learned much from this team and is eager to investigate even more.  She moved away for 3 years but now, Kim is back.  She looks forward to being on future investigations...maybe it will be for your building or home...

Favorite investigation so far: Edinburgh Manor because the team had the entire place to themselves with no time constraints.  She knows she has a gift, and just needs to time use it more.  She was ecstatic to learn about more equipment for the future.  Her only disappointment was that she did not lay on a bed that had paranormal activity surrounding it.  Next time, it will be doubt.

Additional Investigators

  • Sam

  • Jennifer

  • Ellen

  • Laura

  • Carly

  • Dalton

  • Rich

  • Mike

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