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Meet The Places.

Investigations = Spooky Stuff

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Boyd House, Boyd MN

August 2022

The Boyd House.  An unassuming building in the middle of a Boyd, MN.  With its population of approximately 150 residents, one would think that nothing ghostly would happen in this sleepy little town.  Boy, we're we wrong.

Owned by Jill Shelley of St. Croix Paranormal. this house was built in the late 1800's and has a history of happiness and sadness.  The Eckardt Family with their mischievous  children lived there for the majority of the time with the Eckart parents passing away.  It is also said that there were suicides in the house prior to the Eckardts owning the building.

The team going were made up of six women-a first for our team.  We wondered if the spirits would like communicating with an all-woman team.

The children let us know right away that they were there watching us.  Through multiple SD sessions, we were able to communicate with some of the children, one who knew their ABC's very well.  While this communication was happening, one of the little spirits was able to move a toy dog's tail as if it was wagging...a sure sign that we were accepted into the fold.

We also set up our Rem Pod, K2 Meter and cat toy on Mr. and Mrs. Eckhardt's bed.  The equipment lit up at different times, but the most joyous time was all three lit up at once.  It was a sight to behold.

There were rumors that there were haunted dolls in one of  the children's room.  One of our investigators had an aversion to dolls, but she was a good sport (for the sake of the investigation!) and helped put all the dolls into a if they could all talk to each other.

Is this in-the-middle-of-nowhere house haunted?  From what we experienced, it is very possible...because how can a house, with many of its little spirits that want to talk, many who may or may not know they can pass on, can't be?


Greenville Station .JPG

Greenville Station, Greenville WI

The OG.

The original investigation.  This former restaurant had not been used for some time, had some structural damage and definitely had something flitting around.  Our experiences included cold breath on our necks in the basement (once a morgue and crematorium long ago), whispering and something scurrying around one of our investigator's ankles.  The most compelling evidence was when we had knocked on a door and asked the spirit to knock back.  What happened next?  The spirit knocked back with gusto.

Grand Opera House.JPG

The Grand Opera House, Oshkosh WI

Is there a party in the pit?

Considered one of the most haunted buildings in Oshkosh, this old theater has a lot of history...and a lot of spirits.  One memorable moment with the GPPT was being under the stage headed to the orchestra pit.  As we approached, we could hear people talking as though there was a party happening.  When we entered the pit, it was completely empty. 


Another memorable moment from a GPPT member back in 2000: Percy Keene, the former stage manager had knocked her down in the lobby as he was scurrying to the theater.  He looked back as if to say he was sorry. 


At the time, Percy had been dead since 1967.

Stone Arch.jpg

Stone Arch Brewpub, Appleton WI

I didn't want to sit there anyway...

Built in 1858, this was the first brewery in Outagamie County.  With this history, how can there not be any spirits present?  Our team had the opportunity to investigate the building not once, but twice...but it was our first investigation that merited the most activity.  One of our investigators had his shirt tugged slightly by an unseen presence.  A roll of tape that was on the bar rolled on its own.  Quite possibly,  our most surprising experience was when the GPPT was sitting in the main dining room located in the lower level.  We were all sitting at different tables when all of the sudden, a chair tipped over with force...a chair that was no where near any investigator.


Leopolis House,
Leopolis WI

The scratchy spirit.

Our investigation at this private home was one of the more ominous ones.  Not only because of the energy in the house felt dark and with weight, but because it was where one GPPT member seemed targeted by the spirit.

One of the investigators was walking around the backyard prior to the investigation, in which the area was an open space with no trees or shrubs close by.  All of the sudden, the investigator said that his back was burning and lifted up his shirt.  There were 3 very distinct long scratches on his back, and it was almost impossible for him to do that himself, judging from the location of the scratches.

The same investigator had the owner's service dog pull him back by the shorts as he tried to walk to a certain room on the first floor.  Along with this, the investigator had his shoulder burn while we were in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  Astonished, we pulled down his collar and saw that the flesh was reddening before our eyes.

Karsten Hallway.jpg

Karsten Hotel,
Kewaunee WI

The owner and the maid.

Three of our investigators decided to do an overnight at the historic Karsten Hotel, home to the spirits of Mr. William Karsten (the former owner), Billy Karsten (the grandchild) and Agatha (the maid).  During the Flu Epidemic of 1918, the local morgue was overfilled, so the city used the hotel as a makeshift morgue, storing approximately 80 bodies.

There are various rooms that have activity happening, mostly reported in Room 310 (Agatha's room).  Due to us visiting the hotel in February, we were the only guests staying along with the owner.  One investigator decided to stay in Room 310, which is on the third floor with no one else staying on that floor.

We experienced music playing while doing our daytime walk through.  The investigators staying in room 210 heard footsteps above them in the early morning.  In Room 310, there were sighs and a woman's laugh...and there was an insistent knock on the door late in the night time going into the early hours of the morning.  The knock stopped only when the investigator put out the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

Edinburgh .jpg

Edinburgh Manor,
Monticello IA

Don't let the name fool you.

Edinburgh Manor was known as a county poor farm and an institution for the incurably insane, the poor and the elderly.  From 1850-1910 and again from 1911 to 2010, this facility held multiple types of patients.  In 2021, it held the multiple types of GPPT investigators.

Our first out-of-state overnight investigation was a success.  The Manor provided a lot of paranormal activity for us, including very active Rem Pod readings, shadow figures, motion detector balls going off, strange smells of body odor, and a very clear EVP of "Leave," possibly said by a man who did not want us in his room.

The Manor holds a lot of history and memories.  What the Manor also holds are many personal effects left by the patients and the staff, as if they got up and didn't look back as soon as the Manor closed.  The building also has a sad energy, as there is also a pioneer's cemetery for souls who perished while institutionalized. 

Trout Museum .jpg

The Trout Museum,
Appleton WI

Some spirits are just too chatty.

Upon hearing that this museum is haunted, four members of the GPPT conducted an investigation with four of the museum staff.  The museum staff had experienced a lot of activity, such as a boy seen in the 5th floor storage room, art installations being altered/tampered with on the 2nd floor and something lurking in the basement.  The GPPT found the Rem Pod to be one of the most useful pieces of equipment used on this investigation.

The 5th floor did not merit a lot of activity during the investigation except for one part: a few of us went in groups up the stairs leading to the roof.  This stairway still is made of the original building material, and there are old original elevator parts at the top of the stairs.  One investigator had her shirt tugged and both groups experienced the Rem Pod going off.  

On the second floor, the Rem Pod kept going off, which it also performed some beeps as if it was doing Morse Code.  Three group members heard a very loud whistle that no one physically had made.

The basement is where we encountered a very chatty spirit.  Dubbed "the Mouse Room," it houses the boilers and has no windows.  We decided to do a Rem Pod and K2 Meter session.  All of the sudden, a very chatty spirit came through and interacted with both instruments at the same time, which was consistent for a good 20 mins.

To the chatty spirit: we are sorry that we had to leave when you wanted to interact more, but we will be back and say hello.

A Full List.

  • August 2016: Greenville Station, Greenville WI

  • September 2016: Private Residence, WI

  • October 2016: Grand Opera House, Oshkosh WI

  • March 2016: Grand Opera House, Oshkosh WI

  • October 2016: Private Business, WI
  • August 2017: Berlin Tannery, Berlin WI

  • October 2017: Berlin Tannery, Berlin WI

  • November 2017: Stone Arch Brewpub, Appleton, WI

  • January 2018: Captain's Walk Winery, Green Bay WI

  • August 2018: Leopolis House, Leopolis WI

  • June 2019: Private Residence, WI

  • February 2021: Karsten Inn, Kewaunee WI

  • March 2021: Private Residence, WI

  • June 2021: Brumder Mansion B&B, Milwaukee, WI

  • July 2021: Edinburgh Manor, Scotch Grove IA

  • August 2021: Trout Museum of Art, Appleton WI

  • September 2021: Grand Opera House, Oshkosh WI

  • October 2021: The Cottage Cafe, Plover WI

  • October 2021: Hazelwood House, Green Bay WI

  • November 2021: The Granger House Museum, Marion, IA

  • March 2022: Private Residence, WI

  • March 2022: Karsten Inn, Kewaunee WI 

  • April 2022: Private Residence, WI

  • June 2022: Farrar School House, Maxwell IA

  • August 2022: The Boyd House, Boyd MN

  • March 2023: Captain's Walk Winery, Green Bay WI




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