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Meet The Equipment.

Rem Pod

Rem Pod.jpg

The Rem Pod is an instrument that uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the instrument, in which ghosts and spirits supposedly can manipulate.  Once anything is close to the antenna, 5 different colored lights, based on proximate sensitivity, will light up with an alarm.  The theory is that if a ghost or spirit would like to communicate, they can use the Rem Pod to do so.

K-II EMF Meter

K2 Meter.jpg

The K-II EMF Meter alerts you to any electro-magnetic frequencies via a LED light graph.  This can be used by itself, or in combination with the Rem Pod.  If both instruments light up at the same time, it is just more evidence that EMF energy is around, which could be paranormal.

Digital Recorder

Digital Recorder.jpg

A small, handheld device used to catch electronic voice phenomenon (EVP's) that may not be heard in real time.  Things caught on the digital recorder can be breathing, words, whispers, music, shouts, cries, etc.

SB7 Spirit Box

Ghost box.jpg

The Spirit Box (aka Ghost Box) sweeps through radio frequencies to generate white noise, in which it's theorized that voices/words of the dead can come through in an attempt to communicate with the living.

Infrared Night Vision Camcorder


This camcorder can go in between normal light mode and infrared night vision mode in order to catch paranormal activity when it's completely dark.

Cat Toys/Motion Sensors

Cat toys.jpg

Balls that light up when motion is detected.  We have used these and have had success in investigations

Every Day Things

You may not know it, but we use some of the same equipment that you probably own: a flashlight, a digital camera, walkie talkies, rolls of tape, trigger toys like bouncing balls.  Don't be afraid to use these instruments if you ever want to investigate.  Sometimes, the simplest instruments are the best.

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