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Ghostly Players
Paranormal Team

They can cause havoc or they can bring closure.  Some are friendly and curious, while others are mischievous and naughty.  Most cause feelings ranging from happiness to sadness.  Whether you call them spirits, ghosts or the like, paranormal activity can unnerve the most stoic of people. 


The mission of the GPPT is not only get to the bottom of and document ghostly activity, but to also bring calm and comfort to the business or home owner.  The GPPT does not charge for their services.  We respect the privacy of our clients.

The GPPT started as a small group back in 2016 when five theater performers discovered that they shared a fascination for the paranormal.  The very first investigation at Greenville Station (which had its own frights and scares) led to more investigations over the years.  The group has grown from five original members to 15 members, and all of them bring their own unique enthusiasm for ghosts and spirits.  As the majority of the team can sing, dance and act, it's ironic that there has been no song outbursts in the investigations...but never say never.  The spirits may enjoy that.

Featured Investigation:
Boyd House, Boyd MN
August 2022



"I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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