Meet The Recommendations. 

Here are some of the investigators suggestions to read or watch. 

We dare you, double-dog dare and triple-dog dare you.

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Books: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

"A wizard PI who solves all the supernatural mysteries of Chicago is a hell of a character to follow.  Ghosts, vampires, demons, angels, knights and cops.  It's got it all!"

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TV Show: Buzzfeed Unsolved

Hosted by Ryan Vergara and Shane Majej, this duo visits some of the most famous haunted places in the world, and discusses some of the most bizarre cases.  Ryan's fear of the paranormal, coupled with Shane's comedic skepticism, makes this show one to watch.

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TV Show: Ghost Hunters (specifically the St Augustine Lighthouse investigation in Season 2).

TV Shows: The Night Stalker with Darin McGavin.

"My all time favorite ficture paranormal show.  Now, it would be really hokey, but then it was so freaky."

Books: Stephen King.  "I'd be remised if I didn't say Stephen King didn't write some of the most graphic and macabre novels ever.

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TV Show: Dead Files.  

Books: House of Leaves by Mark Danieleski.

"I'm not sure if House of Leaves counts as paranormal, but it is definitely terrifying.

Christy also has a YouTube Channel talking about odd and spooky topics.  Click "Subscribe" to catch her latest videos!

The Eldritch Hearth:


TV Shows: Destination Fear, Ghost Brothers, Kindred Spirits.

Books: The Weird State series (Weird Wisconsin, Weird Illinois, etc.), The Demonologist by Ed and Lorraine Warren.

"The TV shows give me inspiration on finding new equipment and motivation to find new places to investigate...and the books are just filled with weird and odd stuff."


TV Shows: Destination Fear, Paranormal Lockdown.


Books: The Turn of the Screw.

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